7 Steps to Building Your Business Big

As business owners we all want to see our businesses succeed and make it big. In reality, we are the only ones who can make this happen, therefore in order to make your business grow and see real results you will want to take the proper steps to building your business big.

In order to give you an idea of successful steps to business growth, the following are seven steps to building a big business. These include:

Investing in the proper tools. There is honestly no way to do business and do it well without the proper tools, therefore investing in those tools from day one can help you on your road to business success. So, whether it is software, a computer system, or the proper training you will want to be sure that you have what it takes to be successful.

Obtaining proper training. As mentioned in the previous section, it is important, in order to be successful that you have the proper training. If there is something that is important to your business that you do not already know how to do it is worth it to you to invest in the proper training to learn how to do it so that you can make it a part of your business.

Following the pros. Whatever your line of business is there are bound to be some people who have done this type of business before. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Most ideas are not brand new ideas, rather they are most likely variations of an idea that someone has had before. So, find those people and businesses like yours that have been successful and then in turn learn from them.

Creating multiple streams of income. This is a part of business that comes with time, but can truly help you to be successful in business and to build it big. Think of ways that you can turn one area of your business into two or three areas, which will create profits for you. Maybe you provide the service of article writing, why not create an information product such as an eBook on how to write articles and sell them, then prepare a teleseminar that you can sell for those out there who prefer to listen rather than to read. These are ways to incorporate multiple income streams into your business and help it grow. After all you will be selling these information products again and again.

Having confidence in yourself. Sometimes all it takes to be successful is to believe that you can be. Showing confidence in yourself in your business can help it to go a long way. People are going to be more attracted to you and your business when you show them that you are confident about your abilities and you put your best foot forward, this will attract the customers and clients that you need to make your business a success.

Being laser focused. In business it is important to focus. Focusing on the areas of your business that you are most productive in and properly suited for is key. You will want to spend your time on the areas of your business that you do well and this will in turn lead to your success. As for the other areas, well that’s where the next step comes in.

Outsourcing is the way to go. Outsourcing the other areas of your business that you are not as confident in or do not have the abilities to do as well can be a positive for your business, allowing the work to get done while you are able to focus on the areas which you are best at performing.

All of these things will help you to build a big business which you can be proud of and happy that you took the time to spend both your time, energy and money growing.

The Truth About Real Estate Investing and the Basics You Should Know

If you’re like many folks out there you’re impressed by gurus like Donald Trump and the fact that he can look at a property and tell you whether or not it will be a profitable deal. This kind of knowledge comes with experience and training. When you possess these abilities you have tremendous leverage over others who are investing by the seat of their pants. The feeling you’ll get when you close on your first profitable deal can only be described as sensational.

Your key to successful real estate investing is to understand important basic principles such as time value of money, risk, and project management.

First, time value of money, every dollar you invest in a piece of real estate must have a relative return to you. You are in the business of making money and maximizing profits. So your first task is to calculate your total return and the time frame you will receive it. You can figure this out with any amortization calculator on the internet. The general rule of thumb is you want to turn over your investment as fast as possible for the highest amount of profit.

Like any investment, real estate comes with it’s own inherent risk, knowing the basics of risk is important if you want to be successful. When purchasing real estate you need to consider a number of factors such as the neighborhood, condition of the property, interest rate and terms of the mortgage, amongst other things.

In most cases when you purchase real estate investment properties you will end up doing some refurbishing of the property. Some projects may be as simple as some cosmetic painting to complex jobs such as leveling a foundation. A key skill you will need is project management. Your skills in managing labor, materials and investment capital will literally make the difference between coming in on time and under budget or completely sinking your profits down the tube.

Basic steps when investing in real estate:

1. Find a neighborhood that is stable.
2. Take inventory of the condition of the property.
3. Calculate the time and investment needed to turn the property at a profit and then double it.
4. Negotiate the best price and terms possible with the property owner and your financing source.
5. Once you own a property, immediately put in place your marketing plan to sell the property.

The biggest sticking point most beginning real estate investors face is trying to hit a home run with their first project. Instead of purchasing a property that needs a lot of structural changes, go for one that only needs cosmetic changes (i.e. painting and landscaping) and this will allow you to gain experience before moving on to more difficult projects.

Finally, consider finding a property that you can finance over a 15 year period instead of 30 years. By doing this you will cut your cost of capital down by several thousands of dollars and build equity much quicker. This will allow you to move up into more expensive properties faster with much less risk.

Cheap Investments – How Flour and Sugar Can Double Your Money

There are literally a million ways in which people can make money. Whether they need extra money for life’s little unexpected surprises, or they need to find a way to bring in a steady income, they can do it with very little start-up, and only a little bit of effort.

So how can flour and sugar double your money? Well I can think of at least two ways right off hand. The first way is to make those cool gift jar mixes that everyone has these days. It’s a very simple idea; just take the dry ingredients of a recipe, such as the cocoa, sugar, and flour you normally start off a batch of brownies with, and you just layer them into a jar. Add some festive ribbon or fabric, a recipe card so the recipient can add the wet ingredients and complete the better, and it’s as simple as that! For an extremely cheap investment, you have just made something you can resell for 3 to 4 times that.

Another great way is to start selling cupcakes. There are not many people out there who don’t absolutely love cupcakes. If you have a few good cupcake recipes, or at least one really good one, then people will be lining up at your door to buy them by the dozen. You can even open your own online cupcake business and ship them all over the world!

Those are only two ways to double or even triple your money with a small investment of sugar and flour. If you take a few moments to think, you could either improve upon those two ideas, or come up with some of your own!