Lucrative Investments – Put Your Money Into Candle Making, and Blaze the Way to Wealth

For many of us, the idea of a home based business is an everlasting dream. We wish we could quit our day jobs and just magically begin making the same amount of money from the comfort of our own homes. How great would it be to sit on your couch in your pajamas, be able to work a job you love, and still be able to support not only your family, but yourself? It would be fabulous, and it seems too good to be true, right? Wrong, there are actually millions of people each year who are starting their own businesses, or expanding on current businesses, and they are not only happier, they are richer.

Home business can be overwhelming at first. What are you going to sell, how are you going to get it? Who are you going to sell to? First off, find out what you like to do or what you are inherently good at, and start from there. Let’s say you like to make candles; you use them in your own house and you give them as gifts. So why not invest in a candle making business?

Think about it. Wax from the craft store can be purchased cheaply, as well as wax colorings and scents. You don’t even have to buy molds yet. Why not make meltable wafers in your own mini muffin tins. They provide a surprisingly attractive rustic look that consumers adore. Candles are not only great centerpieces, great light givers and mood soothers, but also a lucrative career move.

Is a Internet Business For Me?

A lot of people love the idea of earning over USD$5,000 or more every month working from the comfort of their homes, having no boss to answer to and all the time in the world to spend with family and friends. But before you give up your day job to start an internet business, you may want to pose yourself a couple of questions.

Am i ready to be my own boss?
Owning an internet business doesn’t mean you don’t have a boss. Infact you are your own boss, so the success or failure of your business really depends on your ability to make the right decisions, investing quality time and money in your virtual enterprise.

Do i posses the right skill-set?
Besides basic computer and internet knowledge, the greatest skill-sets an internet entrepreneur should posses would be patience and diligence. How committed are you in your quest for online success? are you willing to keep on trying even when there is no evidence of imminent success?

Your internet business is a real business and should be treated as any other business. It requires planning and investment. You should be willing to work as hard and as long as is necessary to attain the goals that you have set. Your ability to invest 10 hours or more a day on research and development is not uncommon for a new internet startup.

Take out time to educate yourself on subjects relevant to your chosen niche, build social relationships with like minds establishing viable business contacts as you do so. Remember, you are your business and your knowledge and ability are the company assets that need growth and expansion so that your internet business thrives.

Internet business success is a reality evident in a chosen few with the right mindset and driven by the right values. Real success doesn’t come easy or by accident, it is planned for and properly executed. So treat your internet business like a real business and watch it become one.

Project Spending: Investment and Insanity

For anyone who has worked in retail, you know that customers have a variety of ideas as to what “expensive” means. Terms like “sale,” “deal,” and “cheap” are all a matter of perspective. When I worked in retail, out of all the people who know what they wanted, there were three general ways to make a purchase:

1) spend whatever amount of money for the best product
2) spend a medium amount of money for a decent product
3) spend as little money possible for a minimum quality product

Though I was always an advocate of getting the best, long-lasting product, as long as people understood what level of quality they were buying, I was fine.

I think these types of people everywhere. When it comes to hobbies, talents, work, and relationships, quality depends (in most cases) on the time and effort put into that activity.

I think project managers can be categorized the same way:

1) those that invest large amounts of costs and resources into producing top quality results
2) those that invest medium amounts of costs and resources for medium quality results
3) those that invest the least amount of costs and resources for minimum quality results

I think it is very important to note that these categories aren’t necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Each aspect can be positive and negative depending on the situation. Sometimes, a project’s quality is less important than saving time and money, and, sometimes it’s the other way around. Overall, a manager must have the skill of knowing how to prioritize costs and resources.

Another important thing I learned in my retail experience is that there was one other category of people that stood out among the rest: the person who wouldn’t spend a dime unless it was the best product listed at the same price as the cheapest. The latter was hardest to confront for I couldn’t explain that it was impossible to live up to their expectations.

I think project managers, team members, and executives alike are capable of thinking the same way. These individuals might put in as little effort as possible, yet expect that the project will produce top possible quality. Such expectations are a surefire way of destroying a project. In addition, this obliviousness to reality can further damage the team and even the enterprise because the decision maker can refuse to take responsibility for his or her actions. To Albert Einstein, this would be the definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”